Friday, June 14, 2013

This Is What Crisis Feels Like - A Tale From Someone Who Has Been There

Folks, I suspect that many of us, myself included, take way too much for granted.  We flip a light switch and the lights come on.  We flush the toilet and it just works (well most of the time).  We dont have to worry about trash service not picking up our trash for months on end, leading to some nasty disease outbreak because of unsanitary conditions.  We go to the store and the hardest part of getting out of the store, is deciding on which type of whatever food we are going to get.

In a recent post on Zerohedge titled "This is What Crisis Feels Like", I tried to put myself in this persons shoes for an hour or so after I read this.  It was a guest post from a young man who experienced the currency crisis in Argentina in the late 90's. Nothing really shocking that would make the evening news.  However, it was from the same point of view that I use with this blog.  That is, from the point of view of an ordinary person that is stuck with the system that they are living in.  Then, one day that system breaks.  Those that have not had the foresight to prepare in even the most basic way, will be subject to all the chaos of things falling apart around them.  Its easy to put things off, but you should learn to prioritize things in life.  I am speaking for myself as well.  Some people will never learn or listen however, as they are consumed by the normalcy bias and unwilling to get outside of their comfort zone.

Speaking of Argentina, I find it strange that Doug Casey, who is well known in financial circles for his bearish predictions, has moved to Argentina as of 2007.  However, as FerFal is someone who has lived there, comments on this, there is more to Doug's story.  

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