Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mosquito Trap Made from Water Bottle

Got some pesky skeeters that have made it inside and biting on you all night?  I hate waking up to discover some bug has been feeding on my leg, only to itch all the following day.  Well, I don't recall where I seen this described before, but here it is - a skeeter trap.  Ever so often I discover that 4-5 or more of these pesky blood suckers have made it into the house.  Often I can catch 1 or two, but the ones that escape usually get to roam free all night and one or more of the household end up with bites in the morning.  I made one of these last summer and it worked pretty good.  When I discovered a herd of skeeters a few days ago, I was first thinking about buying some type of device specifically for indoors.  Then I thought I would give this little trap another go.  See below for pictures and items needed.  You can make it just a few minutes.  Out of the 4 or 5 skeeters that I had, they all managed to get into the trap.  However, I think there are still 1 or 2 I didn't notice before.  Might need another trap.

How the trap works:
The "magic" is the CO2 that is emitted from the mixture.  That is what I believe they are after, since it mimics the gas that animals exhale.  The inverted part of the bottle is what "traps" them from getting out.  When the skeeters get tired of flying around trying to get out, they fall down into the mixture and drown.  You can usually see them floating on the surface.
Items needed:
Water bottle
Scissors or knife
Scotch tape (or other clear tape)
Brown sugar

Water bottle mosquito trap,

Dead skeeters

- Make a clean cut around the top of a water bottle
- Place a teaspoon or so each of yeast and brown sugar in the bottom of the bottle
- Add water to the mixture and shake a little to mix it up
- Place the top of the bottle upside down back into the mouth of the bottle
- Use some tape to suspend the top of the bottle to the body of the bottle
- Place the trap on a kitchen counter or similar area.

- With one packet of yeast, you can probably make 4-5 traps.  If you just want one, save the yeast in a zip lock bag for later if you need to make another trap.
- If you still have mosquitoes  after 2 nights, make another trap.
- Make sure the cut is clean around the top and that the bottle top is suspended evenly so that there are no gaps for the skeeters to squeeze out the sides.

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